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heeros_mine's Journal

You can't have him, he's mine!
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Do you love Heero? I know I do! Well, if you love Heero, this is the place for you!

Oh yes, that's right. You want the world to know your undying love for The Perfect Soldier? You want to shout it out, make it known? Or maybe you just want to uhm... I don't know.

This is a clique for all you damn Heero lovers out there! You join, get little codes and stuff, and basically whatever you want goes on here!


... This community is maintained by me, lady_riddel


** You gotta love Heero (duh)
** You have to have a journal
** You have to join to be on this clique
** When you join, you must take one of the codes below and put it somewhere on your journal. I won't put you on the full list until you do! After you do that, either post telling me your e-mail address, or simply send me an e-mail with your LJ name. I think the first one is easier, though.

** You may modify the code however you want, as long as it links back to here. Copy and paste one of these to your journal/user info

Example of #1:

Heero Yuy is MINE

Example of #2:

You can't have my Heero

I'll probably come up with more codes later. As I said, you can change it however you want as long as it links back to here!