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Hiya, everyone!

I used to be heero_no_tenshi.

I went digging through my old stuff and found my old psychology project from high school. We had to psychologically analyze a character from a TV show.

Being the obsessive fangirl I am, I chose the wonderful Heero Yuy.

So here's my report on Heero, and I hope you all enjoy it... (I'm sure there will be some disagreements on his relationship with Relena, but that's to be expected...)

The Perfect Soldier: The Psychological Analysis of Heero Yuy

“Bred for the battlefield,
Raised without love.
Fighting for freedom,
He came from above…
Where did he come from,
This mysterious boy?
Mission complete,
My dear Heero Yuy.”
~ poem on a Gundam Wing fansite

It is the year After Colony 195. Mankind has spread its horizon to space colonies in five different clusters. However, the Earth Allied Forces, Alliance for short, has begun a vicious oppression of the colonists and is seizing control over colony after colony in the name of “justice” and “peace” via massive weapons called Mobile Suits (MS). In a desperate attempt to stop the oppression, the colonies send a fighter, one from each of the colony clusters, to Earth to battle the Alliance and its specials military, Oz. Each of these five pilots, all the age of fifteen, are piloting special MS called “Gundams”, a MS made of the powerful metal Gundanium alloy. The pilot coming from the L1 Colony cluster is Heero Yuy.

Heero Yuy is the main character of Shin Kindouseki Gundam Wing (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing) as well as the best of the five pilots. He is also the most mysterious and hard to understand because of his past, the way he was brought up, and his inability to understand or express emotion.

Not much is known about Heero aside from the basic facts and limited availability on his history. He is of Japanese decent and was raised since around the age of eight (now age fifteen) in the space colonies to become a professional assassin and trained extensively in the arts of combat and piloting. Along with being trained to be a professional assassin, Heero was somehow physically enhanced. He possesses three times the strength of an average human. He was sent to Earth to act as an agent and taught in various strategies to gain peace by ending the oppression of the colonies. His job is to eliminate those who threaten peace. Above all else, his true name isn’t “Heero Yuy”, but a code name given to him by the scientist who raised him, Doctor J. The name “Heero Yuy” is, in reality, the name of the former leader of the colonies who was assassinated in AC 175, which sparked the true beginning of the war Heero is fighting in now. Even though he lacks identity, Heero fights against Oz along with the other four pilots; he and the others alone responsible for the end of the war and the bringing of peace to the Earth and the space colonies.

The first glimpse we receive of Heero is his dedication to his missions. He possesses some anti-social qualities in the simplicity that he, as a Gundam Pilot, is against the main society (the Alliance) and will destroy anything and anyone who gets in his way or is his target. He is also suicidal, or perhaps dedicated to his missions to the point where he would sacrifice his own life to prevent from being discovered during his secret missions. He attempts suicide twice, with no regard to his own personal benefit in any way, shape or form. There are some obsessive-compulsive traits where his missions are concerned, (he is excessively devoted to work and productivity to the exclusion of leisure activities and friendships- DSM-IV), but not enough to classify a personality disorder. He also lacks a humanistic approach to everything, seeing no one but his enemies, and his enemies are the objects in his missions in which he must fulfill. Because of this, Heero acquired a nickname: the Perfect Soldier.

His missions almost seem to take over for him from time to time. If it is required, Heero will transfer schools and move to wherever his missions require him to be. He will also ignore intense pain and serious wounds while piloting his Gundam or fulfilling his missions, resting only when completely and absolutely necessary. Despite perhaps the stupidity in this action, Heero possesses high intelligence. He excels in every subject, and can even use a school computer to hack into the government’s top secret files and information. He indulges in intellectualization constantly, and that is evident in everything he does.

Heero has little to no social skills. He doesn’t indulge in conversation, nor has any interest in social functions or obtaining friends and does not partake in crowds. He doesn’t enjoy companionship nor wants one because he doesn’t know how. He only knows how to fight. He almost always chooses to remain alone with his activities. Heero shows great amounts of detachment, and it is evident in everything he does. At school in between classes he will wander off on his own, choosing not to speak or interact with anyone. He will ignore those around him and not respond to conversation attempts. Even among his fellow Gundam Pilots Heero remains alone, apart from the other five, speaking only when necessary, and it is only necessary to speak when it concerns his missions as a pilot. On top of this, Heero is, on the outside, practically emotionless and takes pleasure in few to no activities. All this is evident to Heero possibly having schizoid personality disorder. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (or DSM-IV for short), schizoid personality disorder is when a person:

-neither desires nor enjoys close relationships, including being part of a family
-almost always chooses solitary activities
-takes pleasure in few, if any, activities
-lacks close friends or confidants other than first-degree relatives appears indifferent to the praise or criticism of others
shows emotional coldness, detachment, or flattened affectivity

Heero qualifies for all of these, and that leads me to the conclusion that he has schizoid without schizophrenia. There is no evidence of any schizophrenic traits throughout the entire series.

Perhaps the reasoning behind Heero’s detachment is the environment in which he was brought up. He was, after all, raised to be emotionless. Emotions are, as he learned, useless in battle. Because of this, even as a child when training with Doctor J Heero had a lack of ability to express any emotions verbally or with facial expressions, gestures, nothing. According to the DSM-IV, it is possible that Heero had/has through his childhood and adolescence Asperger's Disorder. The evidence to this conclusion is that Heero:

-Showed a marked inability to regulate social interaction by using multiple non-verbal behaviors such as body posture and gestures, eye contact and facial expression.
-Lacked social or emotional reciprocity.

However, the conflicting thought to the hypothesis that he has no emotion is that Heero strongly believes in following his emotions. He will hide them, constantly, in or out of battle, but as he told Trowa Barton, another Gundam Pilot, “the best thing one can do is to follow their emotions.” It could be that Heero is only capable of understanding basic emotions, or maybe he chooses not to understand them. This remains a puzzle to me, for Heero, all throughout the series, has little emotion or feeling for anything outside of his missions.

Some say, that because of his lack of showing emotion that Heero has no personality. Rather than that, Heero simply has a lack of personality traits, which, once again, are because of his upbringing as a professional assassin since a young age, doing nothing more than assassinations and fulfilling missions even then.

The mystery behind the apparent emotionless Heero Yuy could be that he has a desperate unconscious yearning to be human. At the beginning of the series Heero sees his missions as the top/only priority with him. He is to carry out his missions and if anyone discovers that he is a Gundam Pilot, it is his job to kill them. However, there is one mission he does not complete: the assassination of Relena Peacecraft.

Heero encounters Relena on accident after escaping from his Gundam, which fell into the sea. Relena saw him, unconscious, and called an ambulance. When he regained consciousness, Heero panicked and attacked the doctors rushing to help him, stole the ambulance, and fled, knowing that he couldn’t be seen. He ended up enrolling in the same school as Relena, and because of this, having to kill her.

Relena becomes obsessed with Heero, despite his threatening to kill her, and will go out of her way to follow him, to find out everything to know about this mysterious boy. Heero is unable to kill her because of his conflicting emotions, emotions he cannot understand. He isn’t used to someone taking an interest in him, and when she states that she understands how he feels, she puzzles him. If he doesn’t understand himself, how can he kill her? Because of this, he moves closer to being more human and less of a killing machine. He wants to understand himself, so he will not kill her, especially since she becomes the leader of a total pacifist nation… and a target for the Alliance, which wants to destroy her for her ideal of dropping all arms. Heero realizes that if peace comes he will no longer have to do battle, which, over time, he begins to hate the idea of. So he decides to protect her, for if her ideal becomes a reality, he will never have to kill again. He works hard, through battle, to construct the idea of protecting peace as well as internalizing the belief that total pacifism can exist.

There is also evidence that Heero is also depressed. He has no interests, no desires, and no dreams. He is practically an empty shell, waiting to be filled with something if he will even give someone or something a chance to fill him. He has no regard for personal benefit or his own life. This is most evident when Heero makes a mistake during one of his missions. The five Gundam Pilots had been set up by Oz and Heero, on accident, destroyed the shuttle in which the pacifist leader Field Marshall Noventa was on. The moment Heero learned of his mistake, Heero sank within himself, not fighting during the attack that followed, allowing his Gundam to be repeatedly shot, not thinking about anything except the mistake he made. Even though, shortly after he completes another mission successfully, he continues to blame himself to the point where he decides to approach the late Marshall Noventa’s family members, explaining that the assassination was accidental, handing the family member a gun, and saying that the only thing he can do for the Noventa family is to let them kill him, to at least end something.

This proves that, past Heero’s cold, detached exterior, he is truly a kind-hearted young man. It also hints that perhaps the only emotion Heero is capable of understanding is sadness and despair. The error of Marshall Noventa’s death plagues him to the point where he will place himself in the hands of the victim’s family, seeking their verdict over his mistake.

After much thought and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that, as corny as it sounds, Heero could use someone to love and be loved by, or human contact in general. The intense isolation he was involved in as a child as well as during the war can be dealt with. He needs to be around people more and to be involved with people, or he will never lose the idea that all he is good for is fighting. When the war is over and done with, what is someone who knows nothing but the battle to do? He cannot remain “emotionless” forever. He will have to be around people and learn to interact with people before he can become more human. Heero will also need to learn conversational skills. I would recommend, if available, courses in socialization and social skills. Because of his training in the past, he is quick to obtain skills of any sort, and perhaps with practice he could develop more social skills and, with those skills, more personality traits.

School is also a factor that could help with his “humanization.” Heero played basketball once or twice in school and was very good at it. It encouraged, Heero could develop a healthy interest in the sport and also achieve a high playing status if he keeps it up with a school team. Through the team he could also make friends and perhaps learn to be more open with people as well.

When Heero is ready, I would also encourage a possible romantic relationship. I do not see this happening right away, for he would have to be more comfortable with people in general before this sort of thing is possible. If he has someone to love, he could also become more emotional and more warm, even if at first this warmth is limited to one person, emotions can grow with time and he could progress more and more thanks to the relationship.

Heero Yuy is, underneath everything he appears to be, a fifteen-year-old boy struggling to become more human, and trying to get by in a world of war. It will take time to heal Heero from his past and bring out his emotions and personality, but once it happens, Heero will become a fine man and who knows? He is extremely smart and could end up as anything he wanted to be. And even, perhaps, with time, Heero could develop a dream or two and be released from the cage that he had, unknowingly, put up around himself and trapped himself into. I believe he can.
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